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Do you need a Riding Tune-Up or an Extreme Riding Makeover? Answer each question below to determine how Rach

Riding can help you!

Balance My Ride:

Yes No

1. Beginner riders, do you practice balance exercises?

2. Can you keep your balance if you loose a stirrup?

3. Can you ride bareback?

4. Can you reposition yourself quickly when off center?

5. Can you react fast enough when your horse turns sharply?

6. Can you ride without gripping to stay on?

7. Can you identify problems in your riding that hinder balance?

Lighten My Ride:

Yes No

8. Does your horse stop without pulling against the bit?

9. Does your horse bend around corners?

10. Does your horse feel light on the forehand?

11. Does your horse move equally balanced on both sides?

12. Does your horse move laterally with east?

13. Does your horse relax its back and extend his gaits easily?

14. Do you practice exercises that help teach lightness?

Test My Ride:

Yes No

15. Are your show scores as high as you hoped for?

16. Are you aware of your riding strengths and weaknesses?

17. Do you recognize what separates you from your top competition?

18. Do you feel like you are at a plateau with your showing or riding?

19. Do you have short and long term goals for your riding?

20. Have you put together a workable plan to teach these goals?

21. Have you ever been evaluated by a judge?

If you answered:

YES to all the questions -- you may be qualified for the Olympics ... go for it!

NO to less than 2 questions per category -- it's time for a Riding Tune-Up.

NO to more than 3 questions per category -- it's time for an Extreme Riding Makeover!

Enjoy Riding, Rebuild Confidence, and Fine Tune Your Skills

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