Professional Testimonials

In the many years I have known Karen Rach, I have found her to be very knowledgeable and dependable. Karen has been very interested in furthering her education in the equine industry throughout the years. I would be happy to recommend her to you.

John Lyons
"Americas Most Trusted Horseman"
International Trainer, Clinician, Seminar Speaker, & Author


 I have know Karen Rach for 14 years and have the hightest professional admiration for her and her abilities, both as a horsewoman and as a person. Karen typifies all that is good in the horse industry. Her knowledge, honesty and the ability to work with others is demonstrated daily. Karenís sense of humor is loved by her students and all those around her.

As a Vaulting and Equitation instructor, Karen brings her unique personality and background to her sport. Her promotion of Vaulting, Equitation, and Drill Team has brought much interest to those living in her area of Michigan and throughout the country. Through her organizational skills, Karen has built a large and loyal clientele.

She has helped me on many occasions by bringing a different viewpoint to a problem.

I can give Karen Rach my highest recommendation in any endeavor she may attempt.

Dorothy Mueller
United States Dressage Federation
Region Two Junior/Young Rider Programs Coordinator


I have known Karen Rach both professionally and personally for over 25 years. She is the consummate instructor, encouraging, challenging, rewarding all done in a framework of learning. She teaches riding skills as well as sportsmanship, passing along her deep love and concern for horses. Karen is dependable, honest, ethical and hard working, willing to go the extra mile. I would not hesitate to hire her in any capacity.


Sandra K. Guy-Fox
USA Equestrian, A.M.H.A., A.M.H.R
Pr.H.A..ADS. A.D.G.R.


I have had the pleasure of working with Karen in horse expo's as well as clinic situations.

She is a great communicator with children when giving lessons or instructions whether it be vaulting or jumping.

She has great ability to organize all people involved in horse expo's to present an informative as well as entertaining the audience.

Most of all she has become a great friend !


Jack Shank
John Lyons Certified Trainer

Client Testimonials


I've loved horses and horseback riding from the time I was just a Child and I used to beg my Mother to take me riding every weekend.

Over the years, I took quite a few English riding lessons and just loved it. When I started getting older, over the big 50 mark, I found out that I wasn't quite as brave as I was when I was younger and I decided to stick with Western riding.

Through a good friend, Jan Nastovski, I discovered Windmill Farms and Karen Rach. Jan had been taking Western riding lessons there and told me what a wonderful time she was having and how terrific her instructor, Karen was.

I decided to give it a try and now I'm hooked. I've never found a better instructor in all the years I've taken lessons. Karen is a kind, patient, wonderful person who cares about people and horses alike. She's soft spoken and also has a wonderful sense of humor. Karen is also a fantastic rider herself and excels at many disciplines. Karen is a perfect instructor for children and adults alike.

One warning, however - once you take a lesson, you'll be hooked for life.

Beth Lewis





Karen is a great riding instructor.  I have ridden under her instruction for 2 years now.  She never yells and always has something good to say.  She never puts you down and gives only constructive criticism.

Karen knows what she is talking about and is good at communicating it to her students and me.  She is the best riding instructor I've ever had!!


Jenna (age 13)


Karen is very smart and has taught me how to jump cross rails and verticals.  She has helped me work through various horse issues.  One of the ponies I was riding had stopping issues and she taught me how to get him to stop and not pull through my hands.  She is very patient and never yells at me.  She only wants to help me be a better rider and does it nicely. I always look forward to my riding lessons and hope that Karen will always teach me.

Jessica (age 11)


I like Karen because if you do something wrong she will tell you or demonstrate the correct way to do something without yelling or getting mad at you.  She just very calmly tells you what to do.  She makes it very safe for everyone and doesn't push anyone into something that they don't feel comfortable with.  She lets us work up to our comfort level at our own speed.  Karen taught me alot since I've been taking lessons from her.  I am learning Dressage.  I hope she never stops teaching me because she is very nice and kind.  Plus, she makes it fun for everybody!!


Krista (age 9)



Karen Rach is an extremely knowledgeable, high motivated and very positive riding instructor.  Under Karen's instruction my three daughters have become confident, positive young riders.  Two are jumping and my 3rd is learning dressage.  She takes time for each individual and explains/demonstrates thoroughly while giving you the techniques to develop your riding ability.  I  have been riding under Karen's instruction for over a year now and I learned walk, trot, canter, was on a drill team and am now learning dressage moves.  Karen addresses every issue professionally and skillfully.  Safety is always addressed and practiced in every lesson.

My daughters (all 3) also take weekly vaulting lessons from Karen.  They have performed at numerous events and spent last summer competing.  The Michigan Vaulting Team was paid several compliments from various spectators on how well they worked as a team and how much fun they were having together.  Karen has emphasized  team work, technique, and safety all while having tons of fun.

We have experienced a lot of other instructors and Karen is by far, hands down the BEST!

Sue MacDonald


I have known Karen Rach now for about ten years. I have relied on her expertise in the areas of riding, purchasing and training my horses. When I have a question regarding my horses, I always consult with Karen.  I do not lightly entrust my horses and their well being with just anyone so it is priceless to know that if I have a horse in training, they are in not only very capable hands with Karen but they are being well cared for. Karenís number one priority is safety for both human and horse while using kind training methods that produce results. Her riding lessons and training methods are effectively communicated so that you understand what you need to do to get the desired results. I would highly recommend Karen, especially for those that are just beginning their riding careers when it is so important for safety reasons to be started off right. I continue to drive/haul the three hours it takes to get to Karen because I trust her judgment and her professional capabilities.

Mary Wadsworth




I am from Mel-O-Dee vaulting club and Karen did a clinic for us in June. My vaulters learned a lot from Karen. They kids stayed interested and engaged in the clinic. The vaulters skills improved from the suggestions Karen made to them. She was encouraging and easy to work with.  I would recommend her for vaulting clinics.

Beth Whillock


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