2011 Summer Horse Camps

Presenting new ideas for an old tradition

 Beginners Camp

Learn safety basics and horsemanship skills for handling horses. Learn riding techniques for balancing, correct posture, steering, and maneuvering in a group setting. Fun yet educational emphasis. Western or English styles offered!


Advanced Riders Camps

Versatility Camp

Explore all the styles of riding in one camp! Try out english, western, vaulting, drill team, and even medieval games. All in a fun yet educational setting. Gives campers a diverse sample of enjoyable activities with horses.


Trainer's Camp

Dream of being a horse trainer? Want a better understanding of horses? Learn how horses think, learn, and how to motivate them. Learn how to problem solve in horse friendly methods. Improve responsiveness, gain trust, relatation, and communication.


Sport Horse Camp

Love Dressage, jumping, and eventing? This camp is for you! Practice patterns, flatwork, and coursework (jumping not required for Dressage only students). Learn how judges score in competitions and develop show ring strategy. Course and test design included. Show off a freestyle pattern to music at the end of camp!


Camps offered in Milford, Highland, Howell, and White Lake (Michigan)


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