Lessons offered from Beginner to Advanced Riders
All Ages and Riding Styles Welcome

Short Term Lessons

Dude Ranch Survival Lessons - Planning a family vacation or honeymoon that involves horseback riding? Learn how to ride more comfortably, safer, and confidently with short term lessons. Develop riding and balancing basics in a fun, non-intimidating setting.

Specialty Lessons

Jumping - Learn proper jump position, safety basics & techniques. Progress to combinations, course work and fence heights.


Dressage - Beginners learn dressage patterns and basic techniques. Advanced riders learn lateral work, work in hand & move up the levels. Lessons can be for competition or for pleasure or the enjoyment arts!


Drill Team - Bored of arena work and riding in circles? Learn Drill Team patterns, improve group riding skills, horses response time and performance level. Complete a Drill Team pattern set to music.


Horse Training - Specializing in developing willing partners between horse and riders. Improving responsiveness, willingness, attitudes, and relaxation. Problem horses evaluated including: bucking, rearing, prancing, trailer loading etc. Natural Horsemanship and classical dressage methods used.


Show Classes - Learn how to improve scores and make your horse more competitive. Understand what judges look for and how to make yourself stand out from the competition.


Vaulting - Love horses, drama, dance & gymnastics? Try vaulting ! No experience needed. Learn safety basics, freestyle moves and performance skills

Long Term Lessons

Traditional Lessons - Lessons in Western, Trail, Saddle Seat, Hunter-Jumper and Dressage are all available in groups or private sessions.


Balance My Ride - Is fear holding you back? Lost your confidence? Bad experience riding? These lessons are for you. Learn to improve your overall riding, gain balance and communication with your horse, as well as rebuild or gain confidence. Work at your own pace and learn to enjoy riding again in a relaxed positive environment. Horses are lounged and controlled by instructor so riderís focus is solely on themselves.


Adult Lessons - Experience horses again as an adult rider with a new appreciation of the animal and the sport. Enjoy learning at your own pace with other riders in a fun, relaxed, yet educational setting. Gain confidence for trail riding, vacationing or even competing.



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Rates for Lessons

Group Riding Lessons

Privately Owned Horse - $30

School Horse - $35

At Your Location - $40

Lessons run approximately 45 minutes

Private Riding Lessons

Privately Owned Horse - $40
School Horse - $45
At Your Location - $50

Lessons run approximately 30 minutes


4 Weekly Lessons per Month - $125 per month 


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